Wellness From Within Initiative™

The Albuquerque EMS CORPS is an intensive 5-month training program designed to prepare students for a career in Emergency Medical Services. The goal of the program is to recruit underserved, underrepresented young men and women particularly those involved in the foster care and juvenile justice system into the field of medicine and inspire a life-long career. The program has partnered with local government and private businesses to build a supportive community to ensure the students’ successful completion of the program and on-going mentorship as they launch into their career.

The goal of Wellness Studios, Inc., a component of the Albuquerque EMS Corps, is to implement the Wellness From Within Initiative™. Wellness Studio Inc. utilizes a Trauma-Informed and a Culturally Sensitive approach in the work with students. Overall physical health, mental health, and entire well-being is promoted through prevention by introducing students to complementary and alternative wellness therapies and networking with community resources.


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